Travelling: Learning through experience.

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”, said Saint Augustine. Of course, I would say that the world is an endless book with millions of pictures, sounds, and stories to tell. Every country, city, village, human and plant have something to give and tell us, only if we keep all of our senses open. It may be impossible to travel in every corner of the earth, but by choosing the right destinations we can learn a lot and expand our horizons.
In order to begin your educational trip and journey of discovery around the world, you MUST definitely visit the following countries/cities.

Moscow, Russia
Moscow has around 70 museums, many of which predate the socialist revolution, such as the Historical Museum and the Tretyakov Gallery which was founded in 1856. Other museums are: the Institute of Marx and Engels, Fine Arts, Modern Arts, the Tolstoy Museum, the Lenin Museum, the Pushkin museum, etc. Some of the theaters are: the Bolshoi, the largest theater of which the famous Bolshoi ballet got its name, the Malyi theatre, the Arts theater, Vachtagkof theatre and children's theaters. There are also many public libraries with countless books on their shelves.

Vienna, Austria
Vienna is definitely the music capital of the world. Some of the most famous composers have lived and studied here as it is the home of some of the best universities of music. If you want to know about the history of classical music and how it grew until nowadays all you have to do is visit its musical parks and museums, concert halls and stages. Jazz and opera lovers will be also pleased as international stars perform here throughout the year.

Paris, France
If you are a fashion lover or have a dream of becoming a fashion designer, you will love Paris. Paris is one of the top tourist attractions of the world because of its beauty, culture, historical site and because of its… shopping experience. Paris has long shopping streets, from Rivoli and Fompour St. Honoré to Place Victor Hugo, at Avenue Marceau and Francois Premie. And if you are willing to spend tens of thousands of euros for a truly remarkable jewel, Vendôme Place offers even crowns for princesses.

Beijing, China
Beijing is the center of most events in the history of China. It’s the Imperial base, government center and headquarter of the rebels gathered throughout Chinese culture and tradition. It is worth visiting the market Panjiayuan, the largest in Asia, with antiques and souvenirs to suit all tastes and budgets. Experience the Buddhism tradition and magic by visiting the beautiful temples and parks and taste the worldwide famous Chinese food.

New York, USA
New York is called by many the capital of the world and not without a reason. New York has many attractions, about 500 art galleries, 150 museums, over 100 theaters, dozens of shops and 17,000 restaurants. If you love modern art and modern civilization this is definitively the place to be. The crowded streets, the markets, the fashionable people, and the skyscrapers will impress you.

These are the cities, among others, who have a lot to teach you. So, start saving money for your next exciting journey and… Bon Voyage!