Men with sisters know women better

All people, from the moment they are born, build their character based on the stimuli around them. Firstly, their parents and secondly the school are responsible for the formation of their personality. But, are we forgetting someone? I have the impression that in shaping a child’s character, siblings (if they have any) have a significant role.

The relationships between siblings are, perhaps, the most affectionate family ties of all. Brothers and sisters may sometimes have their differences, but they always support and protect each other when necessary. Furthermore, a girl and a boy growing up together get to know better the opposite sex, through their own relationship. They have a better understanding of the opposite sex’s behaviors and actions. In other words, they see the opposite gender from a different point of view.

Let’s take the scenario of a boy growing up with a sister or - if he is not that lucky - with more than one sister. This means that he has a strong girly presence in his life while growing up. A girly presence that little by little is turning into a grown woman with a fiery passion and hormones!

A guy with a sister has an edge on competition over other guys when it comes to relationships.  His sister has inevitably opened the hidden door to the women’s secret and sacred world. A guy has seen his sister get lost for the millionth time in front of a wardrobe before a date, he has heard – or overheard – her talk to her friends on the phone about boys and has most certainly gave her advice on men and relationships. He has seen her losing her cool when things went bust, he has seen her overreacting, crying and being an emotional wreck for weeks, even if it’s for no reason. He has seen her get hurt, got familiar with all her insecurities and concerns on her body and eventually got to learn how to be there for her, to cheer her up or just sit next to her in silence on a couch with a bowl of ice cream wishing for the pain to go away.

And most importantly he is pretty much still putting up with her during those horrible days every month. This gives him an important lead over his “opponents” and has equipped him with the skills required to build a strong relationship. One can easily give him the nickname Super-brother!

All the above, shape a man who is almost ready to have a healthy relationship with a woman. He is fully aware of the basic “tricks”, he knows women’s sensitivities and reactions and knows how to interpret situations. A guy with a sister knows what to expect and how to overcome it.

He knows that real men respect women. He knows that real men are there to complement and not overshadow their companions.

With him a woman always feels safe. He is there to protect her from the outside world. She has a safe haven to turn to in the darkest hour. He is there to pick her up when everything comes tumbling down. Just like he did with his sister.

His girlfriend is not just his chick, she is also his friend. He feels more comfortable discussing with her rather than with his boyfriends because that’s exactly what he did with his sister. And his sister’s and girlfriend’s opinion mean the world to him.  

Girlfriends are not objects. They are human beings. His girlfriend is first and foremost his friend. He knows what sensitive creatures they are and can easier familiarize with the fact that a girl might also have a brother that loves and adores her and doesn’t want to see or make her cry. He doesn’t make annoying and sexist jokes, he better understands her worries when it comes to sex and knows how to handle her, as the fragile and rare flower that she is.   
He won’t freak out when he sees a tampon or a pad in the bathroom and he knows all too well that when women say five more minutes and they’re ready, it means that they have to sit around for at least another hour patiently waiting for her to fix her hair or get all dressed up for their date. And once he sees a girl’s cosmetics and body lotions all over the place, he will not feel that an atomic bomb was dropped in her house.  

And I saved the best for last. A guy with a sister knows what you want before you even ask for it. He heard his sister talking about these stuff with her girlfriends. Flowers, presents, surprises, trips. He knows about you in every way. He knows what to do to spoil you and that’s what you like about him the most. A guy with a sister is always one step ahead of you. He knows your weaknesses and your flaws as a woman and he made peace with them. Somebody made sure to let him know all about your deepest thoughts a long time ago. He accepts you just the way you are.

Don’t forget, that he managed to survive a long-lasting sibling relationship with a woman – his sister, and he is now more than ready to live an even more intense relationship with you.